I graduated from Adelaide University with a degree in civil engineering and immediately went into the mining construction industry as a field engineer.

Over the next few years I helped build mine sites and port sites in Australia, New Guinea and the Philippines.

I returned to Sydney in 1975 and for the next few years I was employed as a project manager on major commercial construction in and around Sydney.

In 1980 I opened my own project management company providing client side PM services to commercial clients. We managed the development of high rise commercial and residential builds, retirement villages, hospitals and schools in New South Wales until 2010 when I closed the company.

I was attracted to online marketing and I built my first website in 1995 and at that time was greatly influenced by Bill Myers. Over the next few years I built websites for many small businesses and community groups.

In 2011 I went with my family to the UK for several years where I started two online stores, one each in Amazon and Shopify with mixed results. I learnt about the problems of operating online stores and sourcing products from a distance

I’ve always been a keen offshore sailor and over the years I’ve competed in 9 Sydney-Hobart races as well as many other offshore races along the east coast of Australia.

In 2010 I put together a web site www.sailingmates.com as an information site for sailors. As part of this site I produced a video and pdf course for anyone seeking to buy a used sailboat which has been selling with little promotion for the last 8 years.

I now have the time to commit to digital information marketing and have spent the last few years studying online marketing and list building and have joined several mastermind groups to improve my online business.