Okay, your competition has been around longer than you.

They know more than you about your customers, your products, your marketing…
…let’s face it – they’re race horses, and you’re a mule.

But what does that mean?

New marketers feel like they are coming into a race when it’s three-quarters over.
Seasoned marketers know more, have more tools, more contacts, more customers, bigger lists, more outsourcers and so forth.

So how is a mule to compete against a tried and true race horse?

One step at a time, that’s how.

In 1976, the Great American Horse Race – 3,500 miles long through 13 American states – had 90 teams of purebred race horses competing…

And one 1 team of mules.

That’s right, mules – competing with thoroughbreds from across the world in the perhaps the longest, greatest horse race ever.

Entered in the race were Viking horses from Iceland; Arabian stallions, favored to win by almost everyone; tall Irish thoroughbreds; striking Appaloosas; and horses from France, Australia, Denmark and Japan.

And then there was Lord Fauntleroy, the mule. “Leroy,” for short, was the choice steed of Virl Norton, a steeplejack from San Jose, California. Lady Eloise was the backup mule. And no one – no one – took them seriously.

3,500 miles later, you already know who won: The most unlikely victor in any horse race, ever. As Leroy crossed the finish line into the stadium, he flopped his ears and gave a victorious “hee-haw.”

The mule had won with 315.47 total hours. Second place went to an Arabian, clocking 324.6 hours. That’s right – it wasn’t even close.

When you think you can’t compete – when you’re sure you don’t know enough, have enough experience, don’t have the contacts or whatever thought is going through your head, just think of Leroy.

No one expected him to win except his owner and rider, Norton.

Maybe no one expects you to win, either, except maybe your spouse or loved-one.

That’s okay, because if you simply stay in the race and be consistent, you can outshine them all…

Or at least cross the finish line with a lovely payday for yourself.

That’s all for now.

best regards

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