Can you guess the number one mistake most new marketers make?

They want to target EVERYBODY…

EVERYBODY who has a kid.

EVERYBODY who wants a date.

EVERYBODY who wants to make money.

EVERYBODY who wants to lose weight.

They don’t yet understand the one simple, powerful rule of marketing.

The more you specialize, the more you sell.

Think of a general practitioner doctor versus a brain surgeon – who do you think makes more?

Think of a general contractor versus a contractor specializing in high rise buildings – who do you think makes more?

Think of a regular fireman versus one who puts out fires in oil wells – who do you think makes more?

Online marketing is no different.

You cannot target senior citizens the same way you do twenty-somethings or new mothers or busy executives.

That’s why you’ve not only got to pick your niche – making money, health, diet, dating, etc. – you’ve also got to pick your audience.

And even if you are STILL thinking you can target every single overweight person with your diet product, ask yourself this… how are you going to contact and sell to all of these different people?

A market that is too wide does not work.

Want to teach marketing to ALL small business owners? Good luck.

Want to teach marketing to chiropractors? You’ll make a fortune.

Want to teach dating techniques to every single person out there? Yeah, right.

Want to teach dating techniques to single guys under 30? Again, you’ll make a fortune.

Pick your niche, and then pick your audience within that niche. You’ll have a far easier time finding your prospects, knowing how to talk to them and how to sell them.

And even on your worst day, you’ll at least double your income.

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